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Intro Java book

Учебна програма

0. Presentation of the Course (lectures: 1)

- Course contents, requirements, instructors, exams, etc.
- National Academy for Software Development

1. Web Programming Fundamentals (lectures: 1)

- The World Wide Web (WWW); Web-programming fundamentals, Web servers, Web browsers
- The HTTP protocol; The request-response model

2. Java Servlets (lectures: 3)

- Creating, running and deploying Java servlets; Servlet execution life-cycle
- Working with HTML forms; Processing request parameters
- Using sessions

3. Deploying Java EE Web Applications on Tomcat (lectures: 1)

- Java EE Web applications architecture – WAR files
- Using Tomcat Web application server: deploying and configuring servlets

4. JavaServer Pages (JSP) (lectures: 4)

- JSP scriptlets, expressions and declarations
- Basic JSP directives – @page, @include
- Basic JSP objects – application, session, request, response, out, config, ...
- Client and server redirection
- HTML escaping problems

5. The Unified Expression Language (UEL) (lectures: 2)

- JSP and JavaBeans; Accessing JavaBeans through UEL
- Accessing scoped variables
- EL operators and conditional expressions

6. The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) (lectures: 3)

- Using custom tags and tag libraries
- JSTL core tags: variable support tags, flow control tags, URL tags, miscellaneous tags
- JSTL XML and XPath tags
- JSTL internationalization tags

7. Creating Custom Tags and Tag Libraries (lectures: 1)

- Defining custom tags and tag libraries

8. Struts Framework (lectures: 4)

- The Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern
- Building Model Components: action forms beans, business logic beans
- Building View Components: forms and form beans
- Building Controller Components: ActionServlet, ActionForm, actions, ActionMappings
- Configuring Struts Applications

9. JavaServer Faces (JSF) (lectures: 8)

- The JavaServer Faces technology architecture
- Creating JSF applications: the FacesServlet, UI components and core tags, navigation definitions, backing beans
- The User Interface Component Model: the UIComponent class, rendering, events, data conversion, validation
- Basic UI components: forms, text fields, data-bound tables, images, panels, lists, messages
- Standard converters
- Handling events
- Standard validators
- Data binding
- Custom converters and validators
- Creating custom UI components
- Configuring JavaServer Faces Applications

10. AJAX and Java Web applications (lectures: 2)

- Client-side JavaScript libraries
- Server-side AJAX libraries
- Creating AJAX applications
- AJAX and JSF integration

11. Java Database Programming (lectures: 4)

- Relational database management systems (RDBMS)
- The SQL language: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, joins, aggregate and grouping functions
- Introduction to JDBC: DriverManager, Connection, Statement, ResultSet, PreparedStatement

12. Practical Project Live Demo (lectures: 2)

- Live demonstration of Servlet/JSP/JSTL/JSF technology